Respect, Encourage and Nurture

• Maintain a safe work place.
• Diplomatic and caring communication of safe processes.
• Members are free to undertake projects of their choice, provided a project does not impede the use of the facility by other members.
• Encourage all members to welcome visitors, seek out new members and care for beginners and those less capable.
• Transparent procedures of Committee decisions and the communication of those decisions to the members.
• Maintain a clear documented process and records of safety inductions of all new members.

• Ensure Duty Officers or other responsible people provide diplomatic support for safe procedures by members.
• Celebrate corporate and personal milestones.
• Always communicate the importance of safety around machinery.
• Encourage use of tools and equipment in an unfettered manner but safely.
• Arrange at least two General Meetings of members in each year as well as the Annual General Meeting.
• Seek recognition as a good corporate citizen of the community by supporting other community clubs and organisations.
• Arrange social events for members, their families and friends.
• Transparent decisions by publishing agenda before committee meetings, displaying all minutes and financial statements.
• Encourage the desire to produce good quality work, and to keep the workplace clean and tidy.

Create a Sustainable Future

• Understand and take into consideration community, Local, State and Federal Government regulations/requirements.
• Continuous improvement of health and well-being members, participation, inclusiveness, social benefits as well as increased numbers.
• Manage risks appropriately.
• Minimise member costs, maximise paid jobs, donations and grants,
• Have appropriate resources in place. People, Physical and Financial.

• Continuously seek out the benefits members feel they enjoy.
• Communicate member benefits as widely as possible.
• Support members achieve a satisfying level of manual craft skill.
• Maintain a strong relationship with Council and local Councillors.
• Maintain a safe, clean and airy workplace.
• Keep machinery in good working order.
• Strive for minimal costs to members by seeking government grants, donations and paid work. Confidentially assist members with reduced fees, where appropriate.
• Manage financial security with a long term view.
• Manage finances carefully and review funding plans at least annually.

Continuous Improvement

• Obtain feedback of opportunities from our members for improvement.
• Progressively plan and implement improvements.
• Consult with members about funding and development plans.
• Ensure improvements and projects are ‘Shovel Ready’ for grant applications.
• Seek improved appearance of shed and surrounds.

• Encourage and reward voluntary efforts from members and people outside the organisation.
• Seek the involvement of young and middle aged people.
• Create increased activity around the shed by encouraging community groups to use the facility.
• Maintain a strong relationship with Council and local Councillors.
• Review constitution annually.
• Establish an annual list of dates when particular actions are needed
• Avoid interpersonal conflict wherever possible.
• Encourage the younger cohort of the membership to participate in delegated authorities to gain experience in the management of the shed.

Grow our recognition

• Develop positive relationships with local radio and newspapers.
• Seek voluntary input for our website, newsletter and social media sites.

• Arrange press releases in local newspapers.
• Develop marketing strategies around our points of difference.
• Distribute e-newsletter to other community groups in Strathalbyn.
• Promote community functions at the shed.
• Maintain a high level of record keeping, statistics, successes and failures.